Profiles for endorsed candidates in Santa Fe municipal elections

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Below are the Sierra Club Northern New Mexico Group's endorsements for the March 4, 2014, Santa Fe municipal elections. Please contact Political Committee Chair Susan Martin with questions or if you'd like to volunteer: smartin31@comcast.net, 505-670-3279.

A pro-bosque Albuquerque City Council majority


By Richard Barish, Central Group Bosque Issues Chair

Sierra Club and bosque activists volunteered in unprecedented numbers to ensure that Albuquerque has a bosque-friendly City Council.

Contact Information for Federal Political Leaders

U.S. Capitol

President Barack Obama
Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar

U.S. Senator Tom Udall

U.S. Representative Ben R. Luján (Dist. 3)

Sierra Club Endorsees Win in Santa Fe Municipal elections

Museum of Art by DVW

All three candidates that the Sierra Club endorsed in the Santa Fe Municipal elections of March 2, 2010 were re-elected. Congratulations to Mayor David Coss, Mayor Pro Tem/Councilor of District 2 Rebecca Wurzburger, and Councilor of District 1 Chris Calvert.

The Santa Fe River Flows Again

Santa Fe River Mural

Nov 2009 - Santa Fe has this year experienced the near miraculous: the restoration of flow to the Santa Fe River through downtown. Over a hundred years ago, the de-watering of the river began with upstream dams, and since the 1950s only occasional flow has occurred. Our endorsement of current Mayor Coss and several councilors supportive of river restoration has led to this change.

Santa Fe County approves Renewable Energy Financing District ordinance

Solar PV installation

10/27/09 - One more big action towards step-function growth in renewable energy growth in NM. The Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners passed the ordinance to create a Renewable Energy Financing District for Santa Fe County. This allows residents to finance solar, geothermal, and wind projects through their property taxes.

Santa Fe Regional Planning Authority forms Energy Task Force

Solar Roof Top

The Santa Fe Regional Planning Authority (RPA) has recently created an Energy Task Force (ETF). The charter of this task force is to recommend specific energy projects for the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County. These projects will address reduction of CO2, reduce energy usage, save money, provide economic development and can be implemented within 1-2 years.

Santa Fe County Adopts Oil &Gas Ordinance

Oil @ Roundhouse

December 9, 2008 - the Santa Fe County Commission voted to adopt a new oil and gas ordinance. The ordinance was the culmination of a nearly two-year-long battle in which thousands of local residents rallied to protect the fragile Galisteo Basin from highly speculative hydrocarbon exploration.

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