Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area

Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area, 7th Edition
by the Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club


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The Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club is pleased to present Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area, Seventh Edition. For many years, Day Hikes has been the authoritative trail guide for Northern New Mexico. Due to extensive revision and updating, the new edition of Day Hikes is even more useful.

7th Edition of Sierra Club’s ‘Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area” includes new hikes and post-fire updates.

The new edition of Day Hikes features 56 destinations, many of which offer multiple hiking options. It contains new and reconfigured hikes. Every hike has been recently reviewed, re-hiked and checked for accuracy. This will be the only hiking guide on the market that is updated following last year’s wildfires and flash floods.

One of Santa Fe’s most popular local books, the meticulously detailed and researched Day Hikes has sold more than 50,000 copies. Proceeds go to the Northern New Mexico Group of the Sierra Club.

The book contains detailed maps of every hiking area, courtesy of Greg Ohlsen, of Travel Bug. as well as dozens of photographs and detailed GPS data. In addition, the seventh edition of this trusted guide contains safety tips, a resource guide and much more. Emerging and experienced hikers alike will appreciate the well organized summary of round trip distance, hike time, elevation range, difficulty rating, driving distance, map choices, seasonal suitability and land management status that precedes each hike. Best of all, every hike description in this book is written by an experienced local hiker - someone who knows the hike best.

Money earned by sales of previous editions of Day Hikes has been used by the Sierra Club to support a number of environmental campaigns in northern New Mexico. These includes efforts to protect pristine wild lands areas from mining operations, timber cutting, and off road vehicle use, to keep the foothills east of Santa Fe and National Forest lands near the ski basin free from development, to have the East Fork of the Jemez declared a National Recreation Area, to dedicate the Valles Caldera to public ownership, to pass New Mexico's hard rock mining bill, to protect the Valle Vidal from oil & gas drilling, and designate the Sabino Wilderness Study Area as true Wilderness. More recently we have been working with other local groups to obtain Wilderness status for the beautiful Columbine Hondo WSA, to create a National Conservation Area for the critical lands surrounding the Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River, to further protect the lands surrounding Chaco Canyon National Historic Park from oil & gas drilling, and, in cooperation with the BLM, seek protection for the unique Badlands west of Cuba,, New Mexico. Of course the need for support of environmental efforts in New Mexico is ongoing and more critical than ever.

For additional information, contact Dag Ryen at 505-466-4063 or Norma McCallan 505-471-0005.

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Of Land and Culture: Environmental Justice and Public Lands Ranching in Northern New Mexico, by Ernest Atencio, January 2001

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